I own a gym and Danny Russo came to my location to sell his ideas. You as a gym owner give him your clients to work with.

He's a fast talker and a very smooth salesman. He had 20 plus ladies buy his program. Not one of these unsuspecting women saw results. Most were young woman, the wives of soldiers serving in Afghanistan.

These women never saw this guy coming, they trusted me so they went with his program. Don't know what else to say other than buyer be where!

Taking advantage to people by promoting hopes and dreams.

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Him and his right hand man Tony are just salesman trying to *** out of money! I signed my daughter up, he worked with her for a few weeks, told her he was going to help her all the way the left town without telling us!

Tony is a liar and a cheat!

Don't trust either of them! Big scammers!!

Sheffield, Alabama, United States #733739

I'm sorry but he also came to a club I was at. I did his program and got amazing results.

As a result of theses results the club hired me to train other women doing the program. If the program is done the way it was designed and followed through with it works.

It's a tough workout program and most women will not stick with it. But it does work!!

Inverness, Florida, United States #697951

We had the same situation here in western NY. He came to our gym, a smooth talker and great salesman.

He looked me right in the eye, held my hand and said " we are in this together together results"...took my money and I never heard from him...nor did a single other woman that signed on that night.

What a joke...poor business practice. I feel sorry for the women who buy in and for the unsuspecting gyms and organizations that have him speak in their facilities...trust us, just say NO!

Tampa, Florida, United States #668570

Every woman had direct email and phone support to me for adjustments... Some of the women even though the seminar was a couple of years ago are still with me!!!!

Maybe you better concentrate on getting results for your members.... Most told me they got no support from your gym and no-one took interest in them.... After all, why are you in business?



After over 20 years of conducting seminars all over the country I find these two with complaints but never had I heard from them or especially the 20 ladies who never heard from us.. We answer every email and some of those women from those clubs are still with us today.

As for the club advertising... We do pay for 50% of ads that are about the EVENT not everything else the club wants to advertise. Every club is paid what they are owed and every women is serviced to the max...!

\Very sorry these two out of 1,000's of women and many 100's of club owners feel this way.

to Danny Russo Lansing, Michigan, United States #588407

Danny, you owe the trainer at elements diet and fitness in Okemos Mi as well. 40 per session, 24 sessions.

If you want a good reputation than build one and start by keeping your word.

Or atleast stop mentioning God in your talks and ruining His. Your not a person I respect but I expect you to uphold the buisness deal.


:( He did nearly the sane in my area. He also tells the gym owner he will pay 50% of all advertising for hosting his event.

He did pay some one the the money owed but not all.

I have tried to contact him and his wife many times. Not one return email or call.

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